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Training you in…

the core components of Christian leadership.

The things of God

Immerse yourself in the life of Jesus and heart of God. Watch the fruits of the Spirit become evident in your life.

The gifts of God

Come to a deeper understanding of the gifts God's uniquely placed in you so you can serve the world!

The Word of God

The Word of God is God. We'll teach you how to become intimate with Him through Biblical study.

The KINEO Approach

Get an idea of how we tackle spiritual formation and ministerial leadership development.

Person holding Bible at lake

Teaching, Training, & Preparing You

to fulfill your calling with confidence.


Find Shelter & Purpose

by learning God's Word.


Discover Your Identity

by growing closer to God.

From Past Students

Here what people who've gone through KINEO have to say about it.

I honestly could never put a price tag on the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom I have gained in the KINEO classroom.

Abby Carroll

KINEO is a gift with a big bow on top, teaching us how to be rightly connected to Jesus!

Brooke Barrow

KINEO Ministry Training Center gave me the tools I needed to become a lifelong student of the Word.

Cindy Sherill

Through my four years of studying God’s Word in KINEO, something was happening that I didn’t realize. A relationship was being formed!

Rex Trammel

The greatest difference the KINEO experience made for me is the constant awareness of God in my life.

Sherrie Potts

We view KINEO as life-changing! With the teaching of KINEO, our individual and family lives have been much more fruitful.

Tom Fowler